We have started a business in Itec called Ituck, It is a tuck shop that you can buy food and drinks from. We started this business because we needed to fund our winter outing for the class, so we set off looking at prices and where we are going to set up, then we remembered Tracy has got a little shop and asked if she had any stock left, she did and so we bought her out and now she works for us at the front desk selling the food and drinks. We had to have a big meeting in where we had to make a deal for the stock that turn out to be a good deal as we basically bought them, otherwise we would have to spend more money on our shop by paying rent and having to spend time at the stall.

Ituck is a very good shop because we have reasonable prices and good tasting food and drinks, such as the premium coffee and tea that we make for just 5op, and the Delicious hot chocolate that will warm you up for just a pound or £1.50 for toppings that will just melt in your mouth.

The stalls going good so far, and we have made good progress.

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One Response to Ituck!

  1. Leia says:

    I love the name – hopefully we won’t end up with a Cease and Desist letter from Apple! 😉 Must try the hot choc soon!

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