Technical Advice and Guidance

The optional unit that I chose to work towards was technical advice and guidance, I chose this unit as when working at my placement at SwanCD I deal with a lot of customers seeking advice when it comes to computers. This is why I believed the technical advice and guidance unit was a good choice for me as I was able to get a better understanding of what information customers required to help guide them in the right direction and towards the best decision for them.

Whilst completing the unit I used different software such as Microsoft word to write up the evidence required to complete the project, Photoshop to blank out customer information when submitting example job sheets, Diigo to show evidence of search results and to provide annotation and of course Google chrome which I used for research and evidence when needed. Different features of each of these software’s were required for example in Diigo I required the highlight, screen shot and annotation features to save different webpage’s to be used as evidence as well as the tag feature to separate the different pages and group them all as evidence for this unit. I required Google chromes search tools to allow me to restrict the results and allow me to find exactly what I was looking for and I required Photoshop’s editing features so that no customer data was revealed whilst I was submitting my evidence of a job sheet.

Throughout the project I have needed to research different information to help me understand how technical advice and guidance can be used in the workplace and how we use our software to assist our company’s procedures. I got this information from different sources such as my tutor when needed and the internet, this involves websites such as manufacturer webpages / Forums, Google and our company website at SwanCd. These websites are a good source of information as all of the data on them should be relevant to what I needed and allow me to home in on a specific piece of information that I may require. E.g. our home page allowed me to see how by allowing users to see our address and number it helps to provide the first step in technical advice and guidance. I knew these websites were reliable as I was able to check the actual web addresses, its position in the search results and filter out any known websites that are not official.

To deal with copy right infringement I made sure that any photos used in the document were my personal own and not taken from the internet as it may cause problems in the future. When I finally selected a website that I believed was valid I used different methods to select the relevant information. These methods included the using diigo to highlight any key information found in the paragraph, Skimming through huge blocks of text and only picking out the key information and looking at the different headings/subheadings on a page.

Finally, many things did go well in terms of the use of ICT throughout this project. Firstly diigo worked well as it allowed me to easily manage my research and bookmarks for this project as well as organise my library in to different tags allowing me to separate my information. Google’s search facility also worked well as it easily allowed me to find any information I needed access for any research I required. Microsoft words comment and highlighting tools also worked well as they allowed me and my tutor to pick out any problems that we found throughout the different versions of the project.

Google drive was another great tool as it allowed me to transfer my work from ITec to the house securely and aided me greatly in the completion of the project. Some things were difficult in terms of the use of ict for this project. throughout the project I did need to get use to new software such as Diigo which did cause some problems whilst providing evidence towards my project But now that i have completed my project I have a much better understanding of the software and I believe that if needed I will use the software to gather evidence again.

I did have to use versioning throughout my project to make sure that any corrections and improvements were fixed before my final submission. There are many differences and changes that took place between the first and last version. Many were spelling and grammar issues as well as some layout problems. I made sure that these were all changed before I submitted my final submission. I also added more detail into my project throughout the different versions such as better describing the procedures for providing technical advice and guidance at SwanCD, providing examples of worksheets and general timings of different jobs as well as pricing and change the layout from a question and answer style format. I made these changes as it made my project as it made it easier to read and understand, gave a better understanding of the procedures at SwanCD, allowed the reader to see an example of a worksheet that we used and an understanding of the types of jobs that we offer.

In conclusion if I had more time I believe that I could improve my project in a few ways, firstly I would add more evidence of work sheets e.g. Estimates, Invoices, Engineer work sheets, etc…. also I would go further in to the procedures that we follow at SwanCD to provide technical advice and guidance providing further evidence to these procedures.

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