Apprenticeship Level 3

My development needs through-out this level 3 course is that I will learn more about the more advanced side of IT through Comptia A+ and also the unit’s selected for me during the course. My personal goals during this course would be for me to gain a lot more knowledge in IT and also learn more of the technical theory side of IT.

My development activities through-out this course will be that I am using Quals direct to keep track of my progress through the course. I will be using Moodle to get the materials I need to learn and adapt them in to my work / coursework. The development activities we are currently undergoing in work are we are looking at moving everyone from our help-desk in to separate sections where there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support engineers depending on our knowledge is where we will be situated.

My job role within Pisys.Net is a System support engineer where I answer the phone’s, pick up support calls via remote support software and I pick up support tickets through customers emailing in to our support desk. My main role is to support the customer and resole the issue they are experiencing but very soon we will be undergoing changes in our workplace which will put a structure in place for 1st, 2nd and 3rd line engineer’s or support levels which will also benefit us rather than everyone at the same level and things not being organised properly on the help-desk.

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