Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle is Anna Freud, the founder of child psychoanalysis. Google has decided to make this the Google Doodle because it is Anna’s 119th birthday. The doodle is a playful interpretation of Freud’s legacy, using multi-coloured shapes to reflect the complexity of her trade and the youth of her patients.

There are 3-member group of twenty-something artists and engineers currently make up the team responsible for them who also have regular brainstorming sessions to create new and inspiring ideas. Google staff and members of the public are encouraged to email their thoughts. Once a theme has been decided, it can take months to bring it to life with the help of Google engineers. After the doodle has been produced and published on the Google’s home page it only lasts 24 hours.

I would create a doodle of further looking into the days of what the most public know about e.g. remembrance day. Further on I would then create a new doodle through Adobe Photoshop to create new and original add-ons towards the Remembrance Day with Google’s branding name.

Final Photoshop doodle :

Remeberence doodle

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