Google Doodle thingy


Today’s Google doodle is Anna Freud, who was a revolutionary child psychologist and the youngest child of Sigmund Freud, who founded the field of psychoanalysis. Anna Freud revolutionised how children are treated in a number of fields by pioneering the idea that in order to understand a child’s perspective, adults must watch them. Also, changes such as: longer visiting hours in hospital, and the opportunity for children to make use of screens and video cameras in courtrooms to make them more accommodating for children giving evidence.

Anna Freud has been featured as today’s Google doodle as it would be her 119th birthday today.

The Google Doodles are made by a group of talented artists within Google, known as doodlers.

The doodles are chosen by a group of people within Google, also with some input from users of Google.

While most of the Google doodles are about people who have shown great innovation there have also been doodles about significant events that have happened, this is why personally, next year, on the anniversary of his death I would make a doodle based on Robin Williams and his life in an effort to raise awareness about the effects and severity of depression.

In my mind this doodle would mostly incorporate images of characters that Robin has played in his films in different places around the Google logo with a sketch of Robin himself larger than the others and standing next to the first G. The logo would also have a hyper-link to a website which can provide information, on how people with depression or who are considering suicide can go to find out how they can be helped.

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