IT Conflicts

If you connect to a neighbours open wireless network is that wrong?

Some would agree. But if the network is open, is legally wrong or just morally wrong?
Legally wrong? No. You have not broken any laws. Yes you’ve connected to a network without permission but there was nothing stopping you doing so.
Morally wrong? Yes. Anything that you do on that network, the owner is responsible for.

What if the network had a wireless key and you broke in?
Legally wrong? Yes. You are breaching into a network without the users permissions and could cause multiple problems for the user/ business.
Morally wrong? Yes. As above.

An example of this which I can come into contact with in the business world..
A customer moved office but their broadband line hadn’t gone active. To get around this they went to the company next door and asked to ‘borrow’ their wireless. Although strongly advising against this option they still connected to next doors wireless despite knowing the risks that they could see each others files/ PCs on the same network.
The password was given to our customer by the receptionist of the company next door. Once the owner returned to the office, the receptionist explained that she is allowing our customer access to their network. The owner obviously understood the risk because he flipped his lid and changed the wireless password so that our customer could not connect.

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