2 Week Review

Over the past 2 weeks I have learnt how to do some basic HTML programming and have also begun to make a few fairly basic practice web-pages. Some of which contain links to each-other, I have also begun to understand some of the basic principles behind computer programming.

My time spent practising and learning some of the basics of HTML has gone well, and I have learnt how to put together a very basic web-page quite quickly. I have also memorised a small number of the tags that are used in HTML.

Currently I find that my preferred way of learning HTML is to take notes of everything the online lessons have to tell me, as doing this allows me to have a reference that I can quickly access on my own at any point.

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One Response to 2 Week Review

  1. ___ says:

    With HTML, the key is just to keep practicing. Sooner or later, you’ll start to remember the tags without having to look 🙂
    Try using something like Komodo Edit, or a similar editor, for better syntax highlighting. You’ll find it really helps.

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