When projectors break for no reason

Whilst Liam and Josh were doing presentations in the board room, the projector in use suddenly started to have problems. The fault as described on the technical support request was as follows:

“The projector display suddenly went skewed, half off-screen when being used.  In an attempt to put it back the tutor accidentally reset the projector settings which resulted in the display going upsidedown and the keystone setting misaligned.”

The support request was created by Stella and fitted nicely for my Technical fault diagnosis module.

I knew from previous experiences that most projectors are set up differently, and subsequently have different help menu’s and configuration settings. I decided that it would be best to consult the help documents in order to save time looking for the correct settings.

After consulting the online manual *1 (which was easier to find then I expected), I found out how to access the correct menu settings for image adjustment.

From here, I was able to configure the settings back to how they were before the reset took place. It took a little while, but I was able to fine-tune the display so that it fitted correctly.


“Keystone” was changed to -17, which for the distance of the projector and the size of the whiteboard was the correct display setting.
Horizontal and vertical settings were changed to fine-tune the display.”

I believe the initial fault was caused by the screen resolution changing on the operating system, but this shows that it is best to note all settings before hitting reset, as things may not be set to the default settings 🙂

*1 http://www.projectorcentral.com/pdf/projector_manual_3655.pdf

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