Question time!

Today we watched question time where there is an audience that watch politics people vs each other, answer questions, also the audience also get a word and is very interactive as you can tweet or text them.

I hardly understood a word……but it was alright as I understood enough of it to know what they were talking about. I think politics is just annoying and I tend to stray away from it as it is mostly opinions and everyone has different views and they may disagree so I do not bother.

I learned a lot of  things about whats happening in our kingdom, what annoyed me was that they kept bringing up facts that do not matter to support a flawed view. Also I don’t really see why they had to keep bringing sexism up as in oh men talking over women even though he was talking over the men too…

I enjoyed the part where the two audience members were arguing in the most British way possible where one woman shouts “You are racist!” and she responded “You are a very rude person and you should shut up and sit down!” I found it very entertaining and would watch it for those parts.

I don’t think I will ever watch it again unless I have nothing else to do but it wasn’t that bad. Its just the fact I don’t like going against people that will just argue the same case with disproved evidence.



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