Battlefield Live on Friday

On Friday we went to Battlefield Live in Neath, we got there about 1sh, when we arrived we got given our overalls and hats, we then had to pick our guns and then we were ready to play.

We was told the rules about the game, how to work the guns and where the hiding spots were, I forgot within seconds, Oops. It was really really really muddy, cold, wet and horrible to play in, but unlike the others I manned up and got on with it. I thought I’d be the first to fall but luckily Josh did first and brought me much joy, also I managed to kill about 3 people which I wasn’t expecting to, the hat ruined my hair and my socks were buried in mud. Fun.

But overall it was a laugh, I was right about hating it but it was okay-ish, I would never go again and the best part was leaving. I was expecting it to be a big massive field with loads and loads of hiding spots and it was a lot smaller in real life.

It was fun raising the money to go there though, hard work but paid off in the end.

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