Luke Cameron

I have researched Luke Cameron and what I have found is that he has been doing good deeds, he is now on good deed 287 where he was nice mannered on the phone to a customer support person.

Faye wants me to type something about what I have done as a good deed, I remember one day when my friend from America was upset and needed to talk to someone and to be comforted…….at 3 til 4 in the morning, I didn’t complain when I got woke up by a Skype call I just answered and asked what was needed, I then proceeded to spend an hour and half trying not to fall asleep and be funny at the same time, as well as comfort and talk about their problems.

I have done this with a couple of people and I think I have helped them a lot…I am very proud about that I can help people and will always try and be helpful to them.

Five things that I want to do in the new year as a good deed…

1. Help someone if they are struggling. 2. Buy food for a friend. 3. write a paragraph on how I appreciate someone and what they mean to me. 4. Be kind to someone on the phone. and lastly number 5. Give money to a homeless man.

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