Christmas Break

A majority of my Christmas break I spent my time helping family with their wrapping and gift shopping, which I don’t enjoy when the shops are over flowing with other Christmas shoppers running around.

The other half of Christmas break I spent watching Christmas films and listening to music, I didn’t really have time to myself as my cousin was over and I was left with her kids.

I got like basically everything I wanted for Christmas, I even got these really cute wedges which are so comfy, they were probably my favorite present along with my iPod, Beats pill and Nutri-Bullet.

I had a pretty fun New Years though, I spent it with my Family and some friends.

I made a resolution to cut down on Junk food, Alcohol and to cheer myself up and not stress over things that don’t matter, like being ignored and thinking I’ve done something wrong, which I’ve stuck too so far, I’d like to lose weight this year too, but that isn’t one of my resolutions because I don’t want to pressure myself into something and end up stressed again.

I didn’t go a lot of places in the Christmas break mainly just back and fore town, I went to winter wonderland like twice though.

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