Christmas Lecture

I found the video to be very entertaining and quite exciting as it shows just how far communication technology has come in just the last 140 years, and it shows me just how quickly this technology is advancing in general.

I found the most interesting piece of technology shown off in that lecture to be a piece of technology called the Oculus Rift, I find this technology to be very interesting as it not only presents incredible possibilities for communication between people, but it also offers a huge amount  of potential in areas such as teaching or just for general entertainment.  Areas such as teaching could be revolutionised through the use of virtual reality, and currently, the Oculus Rift is trying to develop a way to almost put yourself into easily usable and convincing virtual worlds. This is shown quite clearly in the video with the roller-coaster demonstration in which the child being used to demonstrate the Oculus Rift was unable to balance a tray of glasses due to the motion of the virtual roller-coater tricking him into trying to keep his balance when he was really just standing still.

I have found an article that gives an account written by someone who has used the latest prototype of the Oculus Rift:

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One Response to Christmas Lecture

  1. Leia says:

    I’ve ordered a “Google Cardbpard” kit – the el-cheapo Open Source version of VR headset. My brother’s got one I played with over Christmas and it’s very cool!

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