This blog post is going to be about my dream job and what I need to get it.

First of all my dream job overall is to be a “YouTuber” ( I know its not going to happen, or whatever) but obviously to ever have that I would need a real job to get money, so my dream job in reality is an I.T. repair man, as I really like fixing computers and things in general but I like computers so I chose to fix them.  I have good skills for this job as I am very good at problem solving, very patient and also can apply myself to things because I’m determined, I have proven this throughout my course as I have improved on it through applying myself to the Ituck project.

I hope I get my ultimate dream job but I.T. repair is just as good!

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One Response to Jobs!

  1. Faye says:

    Hi Josh, you may want to check over this – not sure how you will become “a YouTube”. Also check your grammar and give some examples of your problem solving skills and how you have been patient and determined.

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