Project Review

Project Blog Review

The topic of my project was to arrange travel and accommodation for my Manager’s business meeting at the ExCel Centre in London. I used Microsoft word to present my research findings.

Within the documents I used different colours and font formatting styles. I also used tables and charts in order to display information. I used a chart for my transport survey, a table and pie chart for total costs and also included images of the route to London and my hotel choices.

I researched the information from several different sites. For example, (local petrol prices) and (bus costs). These were good sites to use because they had relevant and accurate information. I was able to trust the information on these sites because one is the official site for the Mega bus. I decided to check the petrol station prices myself locally, which I found were all correct on whatgas.

Copyright was only an issue for the pictures, which I took from a non-copyright website. The websites were easy to navigate, I used search bars and the find tool to find the information required.

When creating the document I found formatting the document easy as I have good “Word” skills (passed my exam 100%). I found using Diigo both useful but a pain when you haven’t remembered to annotate and bookmark the website straight away.

I found using IT easy when completing the project and finding copyright images difficult.

I created many drafts for my project, when I thought that I had completed it and submitted it for assessment  I had it back again with corrections to make (not good or ****). The corrections that I had to make from the 1st draft to the final were –

  • Changed layout
  • Add web links
  • Edit map labels
  • Added heading and sub headings

To improve the document, I would get someone else to do it…yeah. Seriously I could get better images to use (go to London and take my own photos) and improve my hand calculations (make them neater).

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