Info-nation workshop

Yesterday we met a woman representing r-a-y, which is an organisation working to prevent domestic abuse in relationships and young people. She is working with Info-Nation and had come in to speak to us mainly about dating relationships, and how to know when some of them are domestic, or how to know when you’re in a violent domestic relationship.

She also gave examples of some celebrities that had suffered from domestic violence and how some of them keep the persons identity to themselves etc.

We were also told about numbers and given business cards which had contact details we could call if we were ever in a situation involving ourselves or others coming into contact with domestic violence.

Between ourselves we had a discussion about meeting someone and what would happen the first time you had met, then at 3 months into the relationship and then again at 6 months into the relationship.

Also how if in a domestic situation the partner may push the relationship into a loop, meaning that they would repeat the cycle of being shy around each other to being around each other all the time and being comfortable with each other to having some doubts and then ending up back into the domestic situation again.

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