Listening in on the CompTIA A+ course session.

Recently, I was allowed to listen in on a CompTIA A+ course that was being taught. During the day there were a few topics covered. The first being what subjects were in the course, and general information about CompTIA and about what would actually be generally involved over the duration of the course. The course appears to be primarily based in the use of and knowledge about the Windows OS.

The first subject we actually covered was the history of Microsoft and the Windows OS, going from msDOS up to Windows 7. After learning the history behind Windows we then focused on three specific OS, Windows XP, Vista and 7, we looked at the system requirements for actually running these OS and the differences between them. We also learned what the actual purpose of an OS was.

Next we learned how to use a few different features of Windows, one of which was called the MMC which is a customisable console that allows the user a way to set-up a way to quickly do a list of actions that may need to be done. We also learned how to use the command line prompt to navigate through files and the computer, and the final tool to help with using a computer we were shown was how to use the run line to run programs on a computer and how to find certain files as well.

Next we were shown how to manage different user accounts on a local system, and then this was expanded to administration of a large number of user accounts in a corporate environment. But it basically came down to knowing how to change the privileges that an account was granted.

And finally we were taught about how hard-drives worked and the newer technologies that hard-drives are using to be able to store more data. We were also shown how to partition hard-drives into different sections, which would mostly be used for the sake of restricting access to certain files on the computer.

All in all I found the experience of listening in on the course to be very interesting and personally it made me very excited at the prospect of being able to work in this field when I’m older.

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