Wayne’s 204 post

Blog Post.

Today I found out the IT industry in wales is well supported, and that it is the 2nd biggest industry in Wales after aviation. My role in this industry is a comman one, I am the systems administrator for Netring, I am also a developer, I maintain the servers our partners and customers use to send emails and host their websites, this includes things such as DNS.

Lots of things have surprised me in my new role, but the ones that stood out was how secure you can make things, like RSA encryption’s strength. And ive had to look up things like SSL on google to understand what that means to the every day customer and big buisness.

Organisations that can help me out in my career are Software Alliance Wales. I have attended courses by them in the past and they are a big help in my work.

My role could lead onto network management and also other forms of software development, new languadges such as C++ or even Objective-C or Swift.

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