Emerging technology

After watching Click and researching upcoming technology, I feel that despite having a specific market, the new and upcoming Aerial Drones will become very popular.

Here we see the DJI Phantom 2 drone.

This product allows you to capture quality video’s and photos whilst remotely controlling the camera on the drone. Many reviews have noted how easy they are to fly and how stable the camera is during flight recording.

This drone, controllable via a smartphone, has preset options to aid camera crews and filmmakers. This would open up endless possibilities for films producers to create a wider range of shots and better movie scenes. It also has the ability to track people, which unfortunately could be used for intrusive big-brother style monitor by law enforcement, the NSA/FBI/CIA/Fox news.

One piece of technology that I do not think will become totally successful is the curved TV’s companies such as LG are producing. People don’t seem to realize that you only get the benefit from their curved features when you’re sat directly in-front of it. In a room with multiple people only one person will actually benefit from the extra £2000 spent. Personally, I wouldn’t spend £2000 for a curved TV that really wouldn’t align with any walls you put it against. Seems like nobody thought this through really.


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