Level 3 Apprenticeship – The Start

So, I’ve finished my Level 2 IT Practitioner Apprenticeship and I’ve now started my Level 3.  I’ve decided to do a Level 3 so that I can progress afterwards to university, and further my education in the hope of attaining a degree in something computery.

Level 3 already seems to be more intricate and difficult work in comparison to Level 2, but this isn’t a bad point – in fact, Level 3 seems to be more interesting and more demanding, and therefore more challenging – which is much more fun!

My current job role is that of ‘IT Technician’ at Bishopston Comprehensive School, and in the year I’ve been there I’ve learnt so much. Every day I learn new skills, and I feel as if I am more than capable of solving the generic issues that pop up on a daily basis now. Working in Bishopston doesn’t only allow me to improve my social skills, but also my technological skills in a sense that I would not be able to achieve if I was sitting in a college simply reading and writing day-in day-out about stuff.

My job role has dramatically changed since I began working in Bishopston last year. When I first started working there, I was given the minor, inferior tasks of; lumbering heavy objects around, moving computers from one place to another, deleting unwanted content from user spaces, imaging up to thirty computers at a time.. But now, not only do I have the privilege of performing these tasks daily, but I also get to do the more interesting jobs. I now manage servers, control multiple computers simultaneously, install software, change hardware, use different kinds of operating systems..

I hope that Level 3 will allow me to extend my abilities in Bishopston, and further my knowledge of technology – which it already has!

– Tom Blackwood

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