Employer Rights and Responsibilities

During my time working in Wales I have learnt that the main industries in Wales are  Agriculture, Aerospace, Construction, Electronics, Emergency Services, Food, Forestry, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Services, Textile, Tourism, Transport. Our main industry in Wales for a long time was Coal. Looking into the IT industry I found an interesting website “http://www.industrywales.com” which had the main information I could find about the IT Industry.

The industry in Wales that is slowly growing is the creative industry as we have more program series being filmed in Wales, particularly in Film and Television, although there has been a decline in the armed forces.

My role working in a growing industry (Quicklink) is working in an industry which is constantly growing as we get more customers we grow, along with the film and television industry. My current role working in Quicklink could allow me to work on to becoming a server technician, or a field technician. Whilst doing my research I was unaware that there were so many different places, where training is provided just working in IT. A piece of Jargon that I was unaware about was what POP stood for “Post Office Protocol”.

Whilst looking on the internet to find jobs I could move on further to I found that there were many in the IT industry, I could work towards becoming a server engineer, a systems tester, these where just a few.

Professional Bodies

There are many different professional bodies in the ICT industry. There are more professional bodies including Swansea Itec, Cisco, Open University. TechJobs finds jobs for tech and It jobs in the UK. Oracle is probably the best professional body as the worker may have off the job training and also in house. E-Skills in Wales  is working with Welsh employers in the IT & Telecoms industry.

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