ERR – Careers in IT

As an IT technician in a school, my role in the IT sector is a common. Pretty much all schools in Wales should have IT technicians hired to set-up and maintain all the IT related equipment on the premises.

One piece of jargon I didn’t know about include NGO; Non-government organization. Also there are some training providers I had not heard of which include Software Alliance Wales (SAW), and Jisc which focuses and specializes in the IT/education sector.

Software Alliance Wales is a training provider which holds workshops and training days for people keen to learn more about particular sectors in IT, from coding and programming to networking.

When I finish my level 2 apprenticeship I am hoping to progress onto level 3 and staying at Cwmtawe school. I am unsure about what roles I would like to branch out to beyond that at this point, although I am considering looking at taking a University course in computing related subject once I complete level 3.

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