ERR – Employment Rights and Responsibilities – IT Industry in wales

There are a lot of things that I have learned about the IT industry in Wales such as, that there are many different places where you can get different training to help me progress my career in the IT industry and that there are many different steps and qualification that I can do to improve my own learning. There are also many sources of Information and advice that I can use to my advantage to keep up to date when working in the IT industry in Wales such as forums and websites, Training groups such as ITeC, Cisco and Microsoft Courses, There are also different guides that can be read meaning that there is plenty of support in this industry. I have now found out about the Microsoft certified professional qualifications that are an industry-recognised qualification and cover a wide range of Microsoft products which in the future would be very good for my workplace as we were previously Microsoft certified.

SwanCD used to work primarily on desktops as it was a computer repair shop meaning when user had any desktop issues it would be where they would take their computer to be fixed. Although as the market changed and everything became more portable e.g. laptops, I pads, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Etc … The Company had to adapt as there is now less of a demand for desktop repair. To adapt with this new market the company now offers repair for portable devices including touch screens, servers and video game consoles as this was a good way to keep the demand for work up.

I was also very surprised to find out that sixty four percent of IT recruiters consider people that are qualified with an extra qualification such as a Microsoft certification as having extremely high or high value skills and expertise in that area which plays a big part when applying for a job.

A piece of jargon that I didn’t know and had to look up was Sector Skills Council which I found out are a employer-led organisations that cover specific industries in the United Kingdom In this case the IT Industry. They have four key goals: to support employers in developing and managing apprenticeship standards, to reduce skills gaps and shortages and improve productivity, to boost the skills of their sector workforces and to improve learning supply.

There are many organisations that can help me in my career. As I mentioned earlier there are many training groups/organisations that can provide me with the knowledge and skills required to work in this industry, some of these groups are ITeC, CISCO, Open University, SAW and MS Courses. They work to provide different courses in the IT industry which can help progress my career. Other companies such as ESkills, tech jobs, IT Jobs board etc.. Can help me in my career as when I am looking to move up or progress my career with another company I can use them to find the best job for me. Also different representative bodies play a big part in the progression of my career as they provide the different qualification such as city and guilds that are the awarding body of my NVQ I am currently working towards.

At the moment my current role has opportunities for career progression, Firstly at SwanCD I do have the option to become a full IT technician once I finish my apprenticeship which means that I have the option for career development there but also I will leave SwanCD with the work experience, Skills and knowledge as well as the qualifications to take up a similar role in another company. In terms of progression there should be options in different places as a technician but also as I gain more experience the position of senior technician may be available where I could be in charge of a group of technicians.  The more qualifications I gain and experience I get, the better the position I will be able to obtain.

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