I have found out a few things about the IT industry in Wales such as;

Additional help/work online such as Tech Jobs, ITJobsboard and Eskills. These organisations provide online training and courses to do with them and certificates to prove it.

In industry help such as various websites and magazines, TV info such as Click and walking into training centers for information.

Lastly there are training in IT everywhere from in house such as ITeC, on your computer such as SAW and in your IT career itself.

My Role as a Support Desk IT engineer is getting increasingly more common as time goes on as more and more businesses are either starting up and wanting IT support or help, or businesses are realizing they need support in IT as a lot revolves around IT.

There is one fact that has surprised me recently which is Windows 10 is going to be a managed service instead a whole piece of software. At first I didn’t quite know what they knew by ‘Managed service’ but then they explained that it is going to be a service that they will indefinitely support, like XP is now out of support, this managed service with windows 10 will not be ‘out of date’ so to speak and will always be looked after.

My current role at the moment in the business could lead on to ‘moving up the ladder’ so to speak in the company, as we have lines of support, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, with me being on 1st I have career opportunity’s within the company to elevate myself onto the 2nd and 3rd lines of support. other career options could be going into networking and figuring out what the best setup for the business and the network could be, or going into games design and making, creating and designing my own game or app.

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