The IT industry in Wales has multiple awarding bodies’ Cisco, oracle and many more, E-skills works with closely with welsh employees providing education, apprenticeships, qualifications and more. My current job includes, backing up essential data, troubleshooting software, installing software, maintenance and a wide range of repairs from computers to laptops. More occasionally has networking issues popped up requiring me to self-study.  My experience could hopefully land me a career either 2nd line support or technician or as maybe I get to the state I want to learn more advanced areas of IT, my current job seems common so hopefully I can progress further. I believe the IT industry in Wales is slowly rising and the more that Wales needs ICT the more teachers, technicians we need.

A fact that surprised me most was ‘’ Wales has around 25,000 people directly involved in the ICT industry’’ This was interesting as the number seems allot lower than other countries but it’s been gaining more people every year.

A jargon which I didn’t know that I had to research from the Sector Skills Council after reading there website I had found out they are employer lead organisation that supports developing and managing apprenticeship standards, shorting the gaps of their own skills.

When I finish my apprenticeship there’s a good chance I will be staying with gryphon it for an extra year or two.  Therefore I might be interested in a higher up apprenticeship level or a few courses related to my ongoing work.

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