My name is Ricky Cridland, I am 17. I’m currently on an engagement course at Swansea ITEC.

Before I was at Llets where I was trained on how to work within a team/group and how one should act in the workplace.

I want to learn new IT skills that I haven’t tried yet such as programming for example. I think the course suits me so far but who knows what the future will bring… I’d like to work in graphic design or pc building/repair that sector specifically interests me I’d also like to learn some more video editing skills.

When the course finishes I’d like to be in a full time job, after the I have gained what I feel to be enough experience I aim to work self employed.


About rcridlanditec

Watashinonamaeha watashi ga otaku mono no tame ni idaina ai o motte iru Ricky Cridland ari, korera ni wa... Anime, gēmu, konpyūtahādou~ea, bideo henshū, gurafikku dezain nado o
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2 Responses to 1ST DAYS TRAINING

  1. Leia says:

    This is a good course for trying lots of things out. I recommend CodeAcademy (Google ti) for programming experience.

  2. ksimpsonitec says:

    hi ricky

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