Internet Safety Day

>Internet security/privacy settings

Today we looked at different peoples privacy settings on their accounts. Each person had their account searched for to see what was view able to the general public. This opened a lot of peoples eyes as they didn’t realize what could be viewed. This is important to consider as any potential employer will research your online presence to learn more about you.

>Negative/positive comments

I feel that negative comments online (e.g: youtube) should be expected. This does not make it morally acceptable for people to be doing this, but when given the coat of anonymity people are often more honest in their thoughts and feelings.

Despite it being wrong, what do people really expect? They should understand that it is a fact of the internet – there /are/ people who will troll things for fun. It doesn’t mean that it’s right, it’s just something more people need to accept before posting their things online. For example, a small child should be able to walk to the park and back alone, but it is a harsh fact that there is a chance that they will encounter danger on the way there. You wouldn’t leave a child walk around alone, so why post terrible singing videos on youtube?

>My thoughts on the video

The video was informative and make it’s point well. It teaches that even one comment can cause a string of more hurtful things, and that to do it at all is wrong. It also shows that you shouldn’t take pictures of yourself you wouldn’t want other people to see. And if you do, make sure it’s on a printed camera and not digital.

>Moral of the story/what I learned


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3 Responses to Internet Safety Day

  1. Leia says:

    The argument for posting videos of yourself being poor at something is so you can look back and measure progress when you’re better at it – a bit like the way we ask you to write about your learning here!

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