Internet safety day

Today was internet safety day and we have been looking at peoples Facebook profiles and if they’re protected well enough, like if the persons posts were private or not.

Negative comments are spoken/typed a lot, for example people are likely to post or say horrible things in the case of bullying or after an argument etc. everyone says things they don’t mean or things they’ll regret, but they’re bad either way.

Positive comments always make someone feel better about themselves, regardless of who it comes from.

We watched Cyber-Bully and it was basically about a girl who thought she wasn’t doing anything wrong just by posting silly little comments and making edits of peoples videos, and found out the hard way that it was wrong.

I think the film really says a lot about what goes on on social media and how blinded people are in thinking that it’s okay to bully people etc.  I’ve personally learned that the smallest comment could hit someone a little too close to home without realizing it and anything that is put on the internet is on there forever, whether you take it down or not.

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