Internet Safety Day

This morning we took part in checking in on our facebook pages if our posts and photos were private or open to public. We then looked on privatising our names and the facebook account, for extra security we also looked at an option which allowed others to search up our accounts by just writing our names in an search engine like Google to search up our facebook accounts.

I think these days we need more privacy and more security on our computers as well as on any social networking sites e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. As information and photos gets hacked easily by hackers people should be more aware of that and they should privatise more personal information about themselves but also their photos.

I think more positive comments should be made if the individual is trying their hardest to get somewhere with any sort of hobby/interest because making an negative comment might put them off or insult them which can impact lives and potential dreams of their career/lives.

I thought the video showed a strong point of how privacy and bullying/judging has an impact on many peoples lives. Hacking is getting more and more common and that’s why pictures and certain personal information should be kept to your self only and not to anyone you might trust, once its on the internet it will stay on the internet. I think the moral of the story is to make more positive comments than negative, we all should privatise more information and pictures we take and we all should be careful where we post them and who we send them to.

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One Response to Internet Safety Day

  1. jriceitec says:

    Good points, I agree

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