Internet Safety Day

Today is internet safety day 2015, and due to this today we have been looking at a few different things. This morning we had a look at our social media accounts and how simple and easy it actually was to find our accounts through the Google search engine. After this we had a look at our privacy settings and how much they can help in keeping your account private, through doing things from simply hiding your posts from anyone but friends, all the way to making it impossible to find your account on a search engine.

Personally I believe that when online, it should be expected that bullying and harsh comments will be received. While I do believe that these things are wrong and while I would never personally join in with these activities, I also believe that it is important to understand that this kind of behavior will never stop online due to one capability that the internet can grant to everyone: Complete Anonymity.

The video we watched today was about a girl called Casey whose “ex-boyfriend” posted a mean tweet about her, she talks about this with two of her friends, one of whom could hack their account, he refused. After this the hacker “friend” messaged Casey and had apparently changed his mind and provided a link that logged Casey into her exes account, she posts a mean tweet, and then the hacker reveals he’s not her friend. After this he threatens to post revealing pictures of her on social media. Next he claimed that he “helped” victims of cyber-bullying. He then claimed that Casey was responsible for a girl called Jennifer killing herself. He then tried to get Casey to kill herself by threatening her, she eventually refused and told him he was nothing to her,

In my opinion I think that Casey was not at any particular fault, and personally think that the only villain or remotely bad person in this show was the hacker, I understand that it is meant to convey that even small acts can have a knock-on effect, however the only thing I gathered from the show is to be careful to not allow any psychopathic hackers into your computer system.

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3 Responses to Internet Safety Day

  1. jriceitec says:

    Gives good detail too what happened, good job

  2. ksimpsonitec says:

    in my view some hackers do good thing but ther are pepole who hack just for fun to hurt other lives so not all hackers are bad

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