Internet Safety Day

The purpose of this awareness day promotes safe and responsible use of the internet. The day aims to teach young people about how to keep themselves safe online – and, of course, the use of the internet in a safe and responsible way is paramount!

These days, most young people have access to the internet with their mobile phone, tablets or laptops.  So the day aims to raise awareness of online safety for young people, who are the most vulnerable.

Nowadays, you can change your privacy settings a lot. It is important to ensure your online safety is considered. For example, you should change your Facebook settings so only your friends can see your profile. This means that if they have not sent you a friend request, they cannot see your stuff. Therefore, if they want to see your stuff, they can add you and if you know them you can accept. Simple.

Not everyone is going to always receive positive comments in their life. Likewise, nobody will always receive negative comments; there will always be a mixture. I personally think that this is just the way of life, and that minor negative comments should not be taken to heart – although I’m not saying it is acceptable.

I (surprisingly) enjoyed the video. It was very informative and the message it was trying to convey was pretty clear. It was not boring, and the majority of us can definitely relate to a lot of points made in the video. It did, indeed, make you realise that you don’t actually realise what a big impact some stuff you say to people can have.

I think the moral of the story was that you should always think before you take action, and always consider how the third-party would feel.

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