my day today on10/2/2015

My name is Kingsley

Before I came back to ITeC I was working in Amazon where I was a picker who picked up products that people wanted, it was quite tiring and one morning when I came home I was sleeping standing up.

On my first day back to ITeC I  was in the board room meeting everybody  where we told each other of who and what we want to do about ourselves and stuff we did some more paperwork.

Today we all started by sitting in the boardroom and we were all moved to the yellow room  and Mair started the introduction about safety and internet privileges and stuff .

I hope to go to college next year doing a digital technology level 2 course, I have a interview for college this month.

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4 Responses to my day today on10/2/2015

  1. rcridlanditec says:


  2. tjonesitec says:

    Good Luck in getting in to your level 2 digital technology course.

  3. chowarditec says:

    It’s really good that you have an idea of what you want to do in the future, I’m glad that you are back and enjoying! 🙂

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