My first day at Swansea ITeC

My name is Ieuan, and I’m currently in work placement at Tint Wizard.
I was in Skills and Training before I came to Swansea ITeC and I wanted to become a carpenter but that didn’t go so well so I decided to try out what Tint Wizard does.

I hope to learn or improve my photoshop skills so I can use it in my work placement, and so far I am really enjoying working with Charlie and Paul in Tint Wizard.

My ideal work placement was carpentry.

I want to go into full time employment with Tint Wizard after my course is finished.

I enjoy Swansea ITeC a lot as the atmosphere is positive and my tutor, Mair, has a good sense of humor and is very helpful.


About ipowellitec

I like to go out if the weather is nice and just walk around, I can have a laugh with mates and I think I can get on with new people very well.
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2 Responses to My first day at Swansea ITeC

  1. Leia says:

    TintWizard have had a few learner of ours before so there’s lots of potential there!

  2. ksimpsonitec says:

    i feel sorry it didn’t work but keep you’re chin up high and something good is bound to happen

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