Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is an awareness day to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones across the world.

A digital footprint is information which has been uploaded online and can be traced to its original source. Such things as a photo uplaoded to Instgram, a message posted on Facebook or even a comment left on a forum.

My current digital footprint is small and personal. Sensitive information cannot be viewed by the public. Nothing that will cause offensive has been or shall be posted. It’s mainly used to keep in touch with family from around the World and used as a storage device for pictures. I would like my footprint to be minimalistic. A glimpse of my current life every few months without giving any clue to where I can be found or link to any of my family members. My footprint could be improved by updating my profile with informal information more regularly, allowing my friends and family to know what is happening in my life. My hobbies make me happy which can be seen online, I enjoy posting about such interests as there is no sensitive information displayed. The main interest being surfing with posting locations and images.

The output I would like to produce everyday before giving into my mobile phone would be to have a healthy breakfast without the interference of technology.

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