Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day, and therefore we’ve been looking at the digital footprints we leave as individuals – and if we even knew they were there.

A ‘digital footprint’ is information left on the web that concerns a matter or a person. For example, if I was to do an internet search for my name, I would discover digital footprints that I have left over the period of time, such as my Facebook account, my Twitter profile and various other things too.

Well, actually, that’s not the case. I’ve got my Facebook security settings on maximum, I don’t have Twitter as it’s pretty much a more toned-down version of Facebook, and I tend to hide other things that I do through the web. So fortunately, you won’t find anything when searching for me – at least anything up to date.

The reason I try not to leave much of a digital footprint is because I feel if an employer was to see ‘Just down the pub getting hammered for the rugby #strongbow’ then they may think twice about giving me a position in their business. I don’t have an issue with leaving a digital footprint of things that would appeal to other people, but I keep private stuff exactly as it should be.

I would like my digital footprint to be appealing to employers and other people. The best way to do this is to stay professional, don’t leak your bad habits online and only post content that is suitable for the entire world wide web – because they’ll be the people who see it.

Things that make me happy whilst working in Bishopston Comprehensive School is the fact that I am constantly learning, but I don’t feel as if I can share this content online due to the nature of what I do – most of it being confidential, and seeing as I work in an organisation for children I do not post any details of my job at all.

Alternatively, the thing that makes me happiest is music, I am the drummer in a band and I strive to achieve the best for the band. Therefore, I publicise my band as often as as much as possible, due to the fact that it is something I am openly happy to share and it gives me a sense of achievement. I’d love to improve the digital footprint of my band, and I always try to keep a positive appearance whilst posting as the band. I share the band online via my own personal social media accounts, and those which are specifically for the band, such as an Instagram account and a Facebook page.

I normally find it a usual habit to check my mobile phone frequently, as I have many social media accounts attached to my phone and it is definitely the easiest way to keep on top of them all. But, whilst working, I have the god damn worst reception you could possibly imagine, therefore I have to be productive (rather than waste time on my phone) and generally get on with my work. The only time I can check my phone during the day is on my lunch break when I will finally get that entire one bar of signal.


Tom Blackwood

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