why i need the placement

I need the placement so I can continue  my course and get a  sitting gills lvl1  i have no reason to post bad things on my blog post nor am i childish enough to hide someones keys

I would like the technical placement

because I think I would enjoy it as I really enjoy the technical side of ict. I like ict cause it changes electricity into many different things which find exstatic  i have liked computers for a while

my skills would be good cause I have

  • honesty
  • respect
  • punctuality
  • kindness
  • independence
  • good learner
  • good amount of spare time

and I think by going to this technical placement I might gain some new skills

some of which I hope are

  • working better as a team
  • organisation
  • better knowledge of computers
  • confidence
  • motivation
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