Why should I get a work placement?

I deserve to be put forward for a work placement because I’m respectful and mature. I am trustworthy and reliable and work towards every potential in my life. I believe that I’m very suitable for the work and I’m very passionate in IT and hoping to go into Business Admin.  It will give me an introduction to how adult life is going to be.

I was referred to Swansea ITeC from Careers Wales Neath and I’m enjoying it very much here.  To complete my course, it will be necessary to have a work placement.

I have excellent Soft Skills, Personal Skills and IT Skills.

  • Confident
  • Punctual
  • Team leading
  • Time keeping
  • Literacy
  • Spelling
  • Motivation
  • Organisational
  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Manners
  • Integral
  • Polite
  • Respect
  • Eager to learn
  • Can work on a Microsoft operating system, but willing to learn how to use other operation systems

About tjonesitec

I'm 17 years of age and live in the United Kingdom. Recently started in Swansea ITeC to study a level 1 course and hopefully carry on with IT in my foreseeable future. At the moment I'm doing a 4 week engagement course. I started in NPTC but dropped out shortly, I was studying a Level 3 Btec IT course. So far I think Swansea Itec is good, but I just can not wait to start a placement and learn more things. My ideal work placement would be business or admin work or office work. When I finish my course here I would like to get a job out of it at the end.
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One Response to Why should I get a work placement?

  1. Leia says:

    Paid anghofio’r Gymraeg! trio cwmniau o Lleol.net, Safle Swddi ayb.

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