Personality test, and ITeC opinion so far

Enterprise Catalyst report report report report (1) learningstylews Enterprise catalyst

These are my results and  I agree with them to an extent about being creative, and doing things in non-traditional ways. However I’m not energetic, nor do I bring energy to a group, I also agree that I sometimes struggle to stay focused on side tasks if I’m doing something I’m interested in.

I wouldn’t consider myself motivated, well not highly at least, I sometimes

It’s help me learn I need to prioritise important work above work that I enjoy doing, I would agree with the statement that I am willing to learn, an Introvert and a Risk avoider.

I am currently enjoying ITeC however I feel we haven’t learnt enough. We did a Photoshop challenge on Reddit as a class yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed. I understand as a class we could not hope to do Photoshop all day everyday.

However I feel we haven’t done much in the sense of learning. My attitude has slipped a few times in class the past week/two,  however it’s not for lack of wanting to learn, it’s the opposite. I’m irritated in how we tend to sit down all day, doing tasks where we don’t learn any new skills. I can understand that I am only on engagement and therefore can’t work towards a qualification, I just feel like I’m getting nowhere, any time soon.

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