Swansea Creatives Presentation

For my project, I had to talk about the company I work for. I had to talk about everything from who’s in charge of the company to what we do on a day to day basis. Some of the details I had to include where the location of my workplace and what software program’s we use on a daily basis.

I chose this topic of my workplace as it was required for my ESW Comms presentation as I had to talk for at least 4 minutes.

To complete my project, I used Microsoft PowerPoint.  I used PowerPoint as the software is great for being able to display different pieces of information and being able to scroll the different information allowing for a smoother presentation.

Before the presenation, I had limited skills with Microsoft PowerPoint as I had barely used it. I was able to add information to slides and scroll through the slides. Whilst working on my presentation I was able to learn how to add colour to slides and words as well as adding different text boxes and adding images to slides.

For my presentation, I was able to gather most of the information from the website of my company (http://www.swanseacreatives.co.uk/). From this site, I was able to gather information such as when the company came to be created and how it was created, the experience of different people I work with as well as learn more about different products my company offers.
Another website I gathered information from was http://www.leadkahuna.com/. From this website, I was able to learn a little more about the product can do and how it helps a marketing company such as the one I work for.
I also used other websites such as Google maps to get an image to show the location of the company I work for.

The Swansea Creatives and Lead Kahuna sites were good sites to use as they are the official sites of the business and the products. Although information may be a bit biased on the sites, they are the official sites and therefore information, products, services and images are more trustworthy on these sites than they would be on other sites.

To find the information on the sites I used, I looked for the ‘about us’ page on either sites. If the sites did have ‘about us’ pages then I would take the information from those pages and add the information to my presentation. If the site did not have an information page, then I would look through the site for information that I needed.

It was easy to bookmark and save the different sites and pages I needed for my presentation. This helped save a bit of time when going back and forth from PowerPoint to the internet.

Trying to find some of the information took some time if I didn’t know where to find it, using different tools on PowerPoint that I wasn’t sure how to work also caused some complications.

I think I explained everything well in my presentation. As I work for such a small company there wasn’t as much to talk about that others may be able to talk about with their companies. I believe the information was well presented as the writing on the slides was easy to read and the slides were coloured to match the colours of the company.

If I had a bit more time and more experience, I would add more images to my presentation.

I would like to learn more about the different tools and functions of PowerPoint so that I would be able to give the best presentation that I could possibly do.

I learned more about information gathering and putting information into a presentation that is designed for an audience.

I made changes to different pieces of information as I had.

I made these changes as some of the information was in places incorrect.

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