3rd Of The Third – ( Job Hunting )

During my time in Swansea, we firstly stopped in Mc Donalds for food where they forgot to give me my Big Mac meal so I had to spend extra 2 pounds just for chips! I ended up spending 10 pounds instead of 7. This weren’t the only time I spent more than I shouldn’t have because apparently a double coned ice cream from Joe’s costs 5 pounds these days….

After McDonald’s we went into Info-Nation where we learned about what they do and what they can help with. It was interesting to see that you could get involved into big projects and travel all around the world.

We then went to town but I didn’t hand in any c.v’s because they all do it online! Later on in the day we also went to SA1 where I applied for sales at Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes.

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  1. msugaritec says:

    Reblogged this on Learning Reflections and commented:

    I also have to follow up the companies I have applied for because its not so good to just rely on them contacting you.

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