Book Review (World Book Day)

 Title : Next time I won't freeze myself
 Genre : Sci-fi 
 Language : Czech

I choose this book because I thought that the front cover looked interesting but also how the book was explained in the blurb.

The setting is not in the future, but later on the story it does refer to the future as one man called David wants to sell and prove his innovation called the IceLift, where you freeze the person for 50 years and then put them in the Icelift enclosure but that’t not it there is more to it than you think.

There is only one character in the book and that’s David.

It’s interesting when you read more about it, I have read 5 chapters of the book and so far I think its funny,interesting and generally funny on occasions. I recommend reading the whole book to find out more..

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One Response to Book Review (World Book Day)

  1. Leia says:

    I like a bit of Scifi. The last book I finished reading (Flowers for Algernon, not for the first time) was scifi.

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