Leia’s Book Day reading

I’ve always got a book on the go anyway – usually two, one in the house and one for the bus.

At the moment the bus book is “Breision” by Jon Gower.  It’s a collection of short stories. Breision is also the name of the first story but my Welsh isn’t good enough to pick up the subtleties of why!

These are breision!  (https://www.flickr.com/people/24710622@N05

I love this author’s writing style.  It’s clear enough Welsh for me to read even though I’ve learned relatively recently but is beautifully flowing and descriptive. The author is from Llanelli so his descriptions of local places are so vivid and familiar it’s like being there.

The stories are all wildly different from each other – we’ve got a lonely vampire in Clydach, a granny who goes off the deep-end on a killing spree after too many rewatches of Reservoir Dogs, a retelling of a Grimm fairy tale set in the Welsh valleys and a heroic member of the Merched y Wawr (a bit like the Welsh WI) who fends off a group of bank robbers by beating them up with her umbrella!  (And I’m only halfway through, goodness know what the rest will bring!)

My “in the house book” was, until last week. “An Astronaut’s guide to Life on Earth” by Chris Hadfield.  (The guy who did this…)

It’s part recount of his time in space, and the training and part a motivational read on how the same attitude that made him an astronaut can make all of us better, more successful, happier people.

It’s full of detail from the fascinating and beautiful images of Earth from the space station to the hilariously disgusting – read it and find out what happens to sweat in the absence of gravity…   Eeeeeewwwwww is all I’ll share!

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