Little Red Riding Hood 2015

Little Red Riding Hood 2015

Little Red Riding Hood substitute – Little red beanie – boy

Grandmother substitute – Kebab house

Mother substitute – Girlfriend

Wolf substitute – Drugs

Substitute for Huntsman – INFO-NATION – Frank
Once upon a time there was a teenager who wore a beanie. The beanie was a gift from his father who he had lost 2 years prior. He never spoke about his father and never explained why he died to any of his friends who often wondered. The only people who knew was his mother and his girlfriend who he had been with for over two years. The beanie was bright red with a small lion logo on the front of the hat. The rest was plain, apart from a few holes caused by continuous wearing. He never took his hat off, not even indoors. Because he never took his hat off, the local gang called him Little Red Beanie, or LRB.
One night Little Red Beanie and his bae were at a bar in Wind Street, raising the roof. He didn’t have a care in the world. After hours of bar crawling, dancing and spewing behind the bins, his girlfriend decided that she wanted a kebab. Her feet was hurting her so much because of so much dancing that she couldn’t walk any further.

“Oi bae.”

“What’s up?”

“Do me a favour and go and get a kebab babes?” She drunkenly said.

“Ok bae, I wont be long you just wait here. I’ll be back now in a minute.”

“Ok!” She sat quietly on the curb.

So whilst he went to go and get her a kebab she sat on a curb to wait with worry…

As he was walking off she shouted “Don’t wander off now, yeah?”
On his way to the kebab shop there was a freaky looking man wearing a trench coat. He looked very tired and had drowsy eyes. He looked as if he was about to fall, so little red beanie asked “are you okay?” The man jumped and looked frightened.

“Yea…are you after some……x, coke or meow” He had never taken drugs but he was curious about them, but he decided to hear the dealer out.  He had never planned on taking drugs, he had an emotional day remembering his father and he wanted to distract himself away from his emotions and feel normal again. That’s when he decided he was going to take drugs.

“What will it do to me?”

“It will make you hear better like you had big ears.  It will make you see more colourfully, like you had big eyes. It will make you feel beefy, like you had big hands. It will make you feel massive as if you had a big mouth.”

‘’How much is a gram?”’

‘’A tenner, mush.’

He reluctantly gave the money and walked off. He took the drug. He walked away with a guilt-ridden face realising what he had done.
He finally got to the kebab shop. He was walking into the shop but stopped when he noticed flies by the meat. The flies started to rapidly develop into a swarm, and the buzzing got louder and louder. He instantly turned around and sees his girlfriend.

‘’What are you doing?!” She asked.

“I…don’t know!’’
Neither of them knew what was happening. She quickly hurried him outside for some fresh air.

Whilst they were outside they saw a big green and white banner saying. – Need to talk about drugs? Come and see us at Info-Nation.

LRB seen the sign and asked his girlfriend if they could go there…his girlfriend was reluctant to go there but after reading the banner  quickly changed her mind. She quickly realised what had happened and put two and two together. They then walked there, LRB still trying to stay upright.
They then got to Info-Nation and seen a man standing outside. The man could obviously see  that LRB was spun out. The man said..

“I am Frank, what’s wrong? You can talk to me”

“I bought some strange drug of this man and I not too sure what’s happening…”

“How are you feeling right now? We should call the ambulance.”

The next day LRB woke up in hospital. He felt tired, worn out, sick and embarrassed. He looked at his girlfriend whom was sitting besides his hospital bed.

“Why did you take the drugs for?” She asked.

“I thought it would make me feel better.”

“Drugs don’t make you feel better at all.”

“I know. I realise that it was a stupid mistake I made I’d never do it again.”

“You better not, I was worried about you.”

Then there was an awkward silence..

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