Clever Innovation – FAIL

My idea was electronic petrol stations, I started of with the overall design of the company and how will it look. I thought that petrol stations are just boring with some numbers and a pump that you have to hold all the time, so I tried to design it differently with a wide touch screen system with a different innovation of the petrol pumps. Further on I also thought about the future so I added a electric charger for cars that are hybrid. My logo was a flash in a circle with the slogan Clever Innovations.

My team made small contribution as there was four of us, two of which did about 20 mins of work and the other did the same amount as me for the whole hour. As a result of this we didn’t finish on time and I couldn’t explain/sell the company properly. Next time I expect to work in a team where they not only help me but also give me some ideas towards the product/company.

I thought the other team worked well and had a really good presentation to persuade me to invest in their company.

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