Emerge Service- Save Time, Save lives.

Today me and 3 other fellow classmates had to design a company and a product that is helpful to people in need of the service our product serves.

Our company name is Emerge and we are a watch company that are making next generation watches.

The service our watches provide are at a 3 second hold of a button a taxi would be on its way to your location and at a fee of £30 a month you can get as many taxis you want in that month at no extra cost. The watch also ha the functionality of being able to ring the emergency services like the police and ambulance for instance, if you saw a crime being committed or you saw someone get badly hurt you can hold the button for 10 seconds and the police or ambulance would be aware of your location and arrive within 5 minutes, and the watch also has the functionality of a heart beat sensor if swiped to the right 3 times. The watch does tell the time in analog but if you swipe left once then it is showed in digital.

In my opinion The other team that pitched their product was called Clever innovation and the product they tried selling was a retractable, automatic fuel pump. The pitch wasn’t pitched very well and the team didn’t really work together well as they kept arguing and bickering amongst each other. Their product sounded very interesting and well thought out but the PowerPoint they offered had no time involved in the making and the front page made no sense as they had Minions from Despicable Me, A child’s film.

In my opinion the pitch we did went well but we could have done more research into the watch business and bring some facts about the product into the sales pitch. Overall in my opinion our pitch went well and the other teams product pitch just went to shambles and didn’t have any teamwork.


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Nazywam się Kyle Delaney jestem 16 lat i mieszkam w Swansea i kocham anime أنا أحب لعب كرة السلة في عطلة نهاية الأسبوع MY NAME IS JEFF!!
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