Emerge Taxi Watch

Today as a group me and my team created a smart watch called Emerge…

We were paired up as a group of 4 people and asked to think of an idea that could make your daily routine easier or in general improve your way of life.

My role within the team was to think of the demographic, companies we’d be working with and more of the technical side in general.

Our team made a product called Emerge, a smart watch that tracks your heart rate, tells you the time and at the tap of a button will send a taxi to your location without having to speak to anyone or specify your location.

I think my team in particular worked really well unlike the other team, we had great communication and 2 really good graphic designers working on the product.

The other team didn’t have a fantastic idea to start with and it didn’t help that they didn’t work well as a team either.  Their Idea was for a retractable petrol pump that automatically pumped gas into the car, this idea is not the best however since it takes less than a minute to fill your car and therefore there’s not much point in an automatic pump.

I think our team would do better next time if we improved communication as that is something that can always be improved!


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Watashinonamaeha watashi ga otaku mono no tame ni idaina ai o motte iru Ricky Cridland ari, korera ni wa... Anime, gēmu, konpyūtahādou~ea, bideo henshū, gurafikku dezain nado o
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