ESW AoN project

I have completed a project about a conference being held in London. I chose this topic to make arrangements for my manager to attend this conference.

The software I used was Microsoft Word for the project and the summary and Microsoft  Excel  for all the number work and to make the tablets and charts. Hand calculations were also done to show that I could work out the range and average.

There are a lot of features in these software such as; changing text, colour, size, boldness and fonts. You can also change margins and insert pictures; I used all of these features.

Although I already had skills and knew how to do simple thing using this software I have learned a lot more skills while completing this project, I am now able to change margin sizes and change alignments. I can also work out sums on Excel.

I did a lot of research and bookmarked the pages I got information from on diigo, one of these websites is .
This website shows the cost for petrol in 10 different garages around Swansea.
Another website I used was
This website is the website I found all the information about coach times and prices to travel to London.

I thought these 2 websites were both very reliable and had all the information I required on them. They were both very well presented and easy to find the information I needed. I didn’t save any images of these websites; I did however screenshot the page for the information I needed in picture form.

I found the information I needed on the websites I researched by using the headed tabs and scanning for the information I need.

It was easy to find the information I needed by using the internet and using diigo was a good tool as it saved all my websites for future use.

I didn’t think it was difficult to use IT in my project as I feel it made it easier for me to complete it.

I think I explained and presented all the information I found in my final project well and very clearly. I put a lot of information in my project and stated very clearly in the summary why I made the decisions I did for my manager’s stay at London for the conference.
I would like to improve more in my skills and not ask Mair for as much help as I did and be able to do more on my own without her prompting me.

There were many corrections I made before my final project was complete. Myself and Mair emailed back and fore a few times to make sure my project was the best of my ability. There were many sentences I had to reword, I had to centre screenshots of the hotels I had chosen and I also had to correct the pie chart I had done for the overall total expenses.

I made these changes and corrections because I wanted my project to be up to scratch and to be the best of my ability.

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