windows 10

Today we were tasked with installing windows 10 as a virtual operating system using virtual box. The version of virtual box was very important starting point for this install. Initially we thought, as most would, that you would need the most up to date version of virtual box. However this was not the case, using the latest version of virtual box caused the install to crash and need a repair for the operating system. Once we had installed virtual box 4.3.12 there was a whole new set of problems to deal with. On certain computers in the tech lab an error message concerning hardware acceleration, VT-x/AMD-V needed to be enabled however the section to edit this was grayed out in the setting in Virtual Box. We had to enable hardware acceleration in the bios, which then enabled us to turn on VT-x/AMD-V in virtual box. When installing windows there were more error codes for us to play with and once we had gone through search after search on Google, other setting such as having PS/2 Mouse selected in pointing device and enabling I/O APIC were applied.

Once we had gone through the install process for windows 10 we found we were not able to access the internet, resulting in windows stating there was an incorrect driver for the Ethernet. Again once the correct settings were applied to virtual box  the internet was accessible.

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