My First Development Plan

I have finished my first development plan!

We have done a lot this past few weeks, I’ve handed out CVs around town, improved my Photoshop skills and learned how to code.

I have attended an interview and gotten a placement!

When I went to hand out CVs it didn’t work out very well for me because almost every electronic shop requires you to send your CV online. I feel that I would’ve achieved more by sending multiple CVs online instead of wasting time.

I have improved my Photoshop skills a lot and have learned a lot of great techniques because I have had a lot of time to practice.

I learned a little bit of Java, however it has not gone too well because Java is difficult, if I stick with it and keep practicing I’ll get it. I used khanacademy to help me learn.


About rcridlanditec

Watashinonamaeha watashi ga otaku mono no tame ni idaina ai o motte iru Ricky Cridland ari, korera ni wa... Anime, gēmu, konpyūtahādou~ea, bideo henshū, gurafikku dezain nado o
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