Project for AON (Managers Business Conference)

My project is all about planning for my manager to go to London for a 3 day business conference. I choose to use this topic as I felt that this would improve my organisation skills.

The software that I used were Microsoft word, Excel, internet explorer and some hand calculations. The skills I had in using Microsoft word were basic before doing this project but during this project I felt that my skills were progressing more and more.

I have learnt a lot more skills through this project and feel quite confident in using Microsoft word.

I gained most of my information from These websites were very helpful in helping me complete my project as they both had very reliable and accurate information. When I was using these websites I put exactly what I needed into the search bar and it gave me the information that I was looking for.

The things that went well during my project were that I was able to bookmark all the websites that I had used through a site called So if needed to I could refer back to the website easily.

I think I explained the information and presented the project quite well all of the information that was needed was all in the document. As part of the project I had to work out some hand calculations conversation rates from liters to gallons and the total cost for a trip to London in petrol. Once I had worked them out I checked them with a calculator to make sure they were correct.

I don’t think my project could become any better as  I feel that all the information is in the document.

I would like to keep using Microsoft word throughout my apprenticeship as I do not want to forget these skills that I have learnt.

By planning a project you know what is needed to be done. You know what you are going to be writing as you can refer to your plan. By having a plan the project gets done a lot quicker.

There were a few changes that I made with my final document it was mainly changing the wording slightly. I made these changes because reading through my project for the last time some of the wording was not quite right so I decided to change it slightly.

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